Sunday, 3 April 2016

Rainbow loom Haul!

Hey Guys, So recently I took a trip to Micheals and picked up a few things for my rainbow loom stuff. I picked up some rubber bands as well as some stuff for storage but, today I will just be sharing my bands that I purchased.

At my Micheals a pack of 600 Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands are $2.99. I picked up three different packs and had a coupon for 50% any one regular price item. Using my amazing math skills my total was $1.49 cheaper.

The first pack that I picked up were a mixed pack that had the title of "Fire flies". This pack includes three different colours. Purple, Blue and white. I love the mixed packs because there great for making bracelets that you don't have a specific colour pattern to use.
The second pack of bands that I picked up were "Neon Jelly Pink". I love the regular Rainbow Loom "Neon Pink" bands but, I was running low and thought that I would try something new but, not too new. These bands are by far my favorite because I have have recently realized that they don't snap as often as some other bands do.

The last but, definitely not least pack of bands that I picked up were the blue Glow in the Dark bands. This is the only pack that I have not been able to try yet but, I am super excited to find out if they live up to there name Glow in the Dark.

Let me know if you would like a review on any of these bands or if there are specific bands that you want me to try out.This is sadly the end for this post hope you guys enjoyed and I will talk to you guys next time. 

Remember to always stay Cute, Creative and Crafty:)

Thursday, 13 August 2015

My Recent Favorite Tapes

Hey Guys, so today I will be sharing a post with you all about my favourite tapes that I have been using like crazy. These tapes are not necessarily new tapes but just ones that I have been recently loving. I am going to be sharing with you a total of five different tapes that are in no specific order.

1.       The first tape is called “Pineapple Delight”. It is a perfect summertime tape. The background is a light/pastel yellow with pineapples all over. It also has a few small white polka dots here and there on the background as well. I purchased this tape at Micheals for $6.99.

2.       The second tape doesn’t have a specific name but it is a tape that I purchased at Dollar Tree for $1.25. If I was going to name this tape I would call it “Girly Aztec”. It is an Aztec printed tape using the colours of Pink, Yellow, White, Green and Dark Purple.

3.       My third favourite tape is the new and improved “Minions”. The old version were just the classic yellow minion with their Denim overalls but, this new minion tape is on a whole other level. If you haven’t seen the minion movie go check it out but, I don’t want to give any spoilers. This is the perfect tape for a younger person but, I mean who doesn’t love Minions! I purchased this tape at Walmart on clearance for $4.99 however, since it is a licensed tape it is usually in the price range of $7.99-$9.99.

4.       The second last tape is “sunset strip” and this is the perfect definition of summer. It is a bright striped background that looks somewhat like a sunset with black palm trees all over. I purchased this tape at Micheals for $6.99 and it was also featured in my Micheals Haul Video.

5.       The last but definitely not least tape is called “Sugar my Skull” and it a gorgeous tape. This tape is basically a bunch of sugar skulls on a black background. What I love about this tape so much is that it can be paired with so many different solid colour tapes. I purchased this tape at Micheals for $6.99

That’s all for this post and I hope you all enjoyed it. Remember to always stay Cute, Creative and Crafty:) 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

New Skirt!

Hey Guys, so today I will be sharing a post with you about Fashion. I know you guys don't really get beauty/fashion posts but, I thought that I would change it up a little bit.

Recently, I went shopping at Aeropostale a found this adorable hot pink skirt. It is a thicker material so great for fall and winter. This skirt was on the clearance for $7,99. WOW! I thought that it was such a great deal and that I couldn't pass it up. 

I was so excited to wear it that I wore it to my sisters birthday this month. I'm not gonna lie I was a little hot but not extremely. I paired this skirt with a navy blue top that has a white design. This skirt can be worn with so many different tops, shoes, and even jewelry because it is a solid pink skirt.

That is all for this post and I hope you guys enjoyed a change in posts. Remember to always stay Cute, Creative and Crafty!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Gold Duct Tape

Hey guys, so today I am going to be talking to you about the new duct tape that I bought a few nights ago. I bought the gold duct tape. I have had this tape before but I am currently running low so, I thought that I would pick some more up.

I purchased it at Walmart for $4.99 (not including Tax). I believe you can buy this tape at Micheal's as well but it will be a little more expensive. It might be more around $7.00. I spend time finding what place has the best deal.

The Gold duct tape is part of the metallic collection. In that collection it also includes Chrome. I love the gold duct tape because it is a perfect accent colour to go with any other pattern of tape. My favorite colour combo to go with the gold duct tape is the peacock tape. It makes the peacock look extreme!

Anyway, that is all for this post and I just wanted to share my new tape with you guys. Remember to always stay Cute, Creative and Crafty. Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Scented Duct Tape

Hey guys, so today I wanted to talk to you about scented duct tape. This is a tape collection that came out a little while ago by DuckBrand. I bought my tape at Micheal's for $6.99 a roll. They had all the scents but, I only picked up three.

There are six tapes in this collection. The first tape is Lemon, it is the yellow one. The Second tape is Bubblegum, and it is light pink. The Third tape is Cupcake Frosting and it is Fuchsia. The fourth tape is Grape and it is Purple. The fifth tape is Chocolate Mint and it is a mix between green and blue. The Sixth tape is Creamcicle and it is Orange.

With these tapes I don't find it less sticky than a regular roll of Duct Brand Duct Tape. When you first buy these tapes they have the corresponding scent but, after you use it for awhile the scent will disappear. I have to say that I am quite disappointed with these tapes.

Thats all for this post today but, remember to always stay Cute, Creative and Crafty!

Review: New Fiskars Craft Knife

Hey guys, so a couple weeks ago I got a new cutting knife at Walmart. It was $4.99  but the price will vary depending where you live. It is yellow and it is not your typical craft knife shape because it is a triangular shape. The triangular shape is great because it will not roll off the table. This can help prevent getting any injuries.

It find that it works great but, it doesn't cut the tape as well as I would like, I think I will keep using my original craft and keep this one for a back up.

I hope you guys enjoyed and remember to stay cute creative and crafty!