Sunday, 3 April 2016

Rainbow loom Haul!

Hey Guys, So recently I took a trip to Micheals and picked up a few things for my rainbow loom stuff. I picked up some rubber bands as well as some stuff for storage but, today I will just be sharing my bands that I purchased.

At my Micheals a pack of 600 Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands are $2.99. I picked up three different packs and had a coupon for 50% any one regular price item. Using my amazing math skills my total was $1.49 cheaper.

The first pack that I picked up were a mixed pack that had the title of "Fire flies". This pack includes three different colours. Purple, Blue and white. I love the mixed packs because there great for making bracelets that you don't have a specific colour pattern to use.
The second pack of bands that I picked up were "Neon Jelly Pink". I love the regular Rainbow Loom "Neon Pink" bands but, I was running low and thought that I would try something new but, not too new. These bands are by far my favorite because I have have recently realized that they don't snap as often as some other bands do.

The last but, definitely not least pack of bands that I picked up were the blue Glow in the Dark bands. This is the only pack that I have not been able to try yet but, I am super excited to find out if they live up to there name Glow in the Dark.

Let me know if you would like a review on any of these bands or if there are specific bands that you want me to try out.This is sadly the end for this post hope you guys enjoyed and I will talk to you guys next time. 

Remember to always stay Cute, Creative and Crafty:)

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