Friday, 4 July 2014

New Duct Tape KIt

Displaying photo.JPGHey Guys, So last night I went to Costco and I got a kit of duct tape. It came with 5 rolls of duct tape, 2 ducklings and 4 sheets of duct tape. it cost $20.00 for all of it. I added  everything up individually and it would of cost over $40.00. I got this kit for half price. The five duct tape rolls I got were Mustache, Neon Houndstooth, Purple Paisley, Bright Flowers and fushia. I did not have any of these colours so that was great.  The two ducklings it came with were Mod Dot and Plain Purple. The four sheets it came with were Rainbow, Pink Zebra, Black, Purple and Blue Cheetah. They also had another kit that came with Digital Camo. Camo Skulls, Rock and roll and a couple of others with four sheets and two ducklings but I can't really remember. This is great and i am very excited to be able to use these new tapes.

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