Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Product Review:The X Acto Knifes I Use

Hey guys so I thought I would share what X Acto knife I use. I use two different ones, The first one I use is by the brand Olga. It's one that I had pouches at my local Home Depot for about $6.00 so it wasn't very pricey. It works great and it came with 5 changeable blade options that are all different shapes and sizes. It works well for doing designs. I also have another craft knife and it is by the brand X Acto. It is one I foind at micheals in the artist supplies for $10.00. It doesn't come with any changeable blades but if you need it reccomends the blades to by seperatly on the back of the packaging. It has a little bit of a bigger blade then the Olga one so this one is the easiest to use for designs. Over all I think they both work amazing. 

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