Tuesday, 18 November 2014

New Duct Tape

Hey guys, so I recently got into shopping for the Christmas duct tape. Christmas is almost here, can you believe it? I am already starting to make my holiday wallets but, I need to get some Christmas patterns.

One day I went shopping to my local Dollar store when I came across Duct Brand duct tape. There were only three left on the shelf so I took them all. I thought to myself,  hold the phone here, it's only $2.00. I was so happy to find this.

The pattern of tape is the gingerbread and it is so cute. This will be perfect to make my Christmas wallets. These will make great gifts for the holidays.

There is still the same amount of duct tape as on the regular patterned rolls which is 10 yds. The thing I love about this tape is that each gingerbread man is outlined in a different colour. I am not quite sure if this tape lines up but if it does please let me know.

Although I have three rolls I will have to use this tape sparingly. I hope you guys enjoyed and maybe you will be lucky enough to find this tape at you dollar store.

Stay tuned for my Duct Tape December will there will be a new post each and every day!

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