Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Mini Christmas Duct Tape Haul!

Hey guys, so I found some new duct tape at the dollar store. Although it is not a fancy brand and is the dollar store brand it doesn't really matter. 

There were three different patterns and all of them were super cute. I couldn't decide what one I liked the best so I got all three of them. 

They were only $1.00 each so it was super reasonable. 

The first pattern was a bunch of cute
tiny snowman wearing a bunch of different outfits. It was on a light blue background.  

The second pattern was little chubby santa's. They were on a firetruck red background. 

The third pattern was a striped print but it looked like a candy cane. It was using red, green, and white. 

So that was my little duct tape haul and I hope you guys will remember to stay cute creative and crafty! 


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