Monday, 13 October 2014

Product Review: Duck Brand vs. Scotch

Hey guys! So I thought I would give you a little pointer if you are new at duct taping or just want to know my opinion on which brand I prefer. I prefer to use Duct Brand because I find it a little more stickier thank Scotch.

When I use Scotch duct tape I find that it peels but Duct Brand does not.

 Duct Brand has many more prints than Scotch. I find scotch can be a little more sheer and Duct Brand is more opaque. That being said, Scotch has many other patterns that duct brand does not carry.

Both brands carry washi tapes that are both amazing. I find that these are both the same quality.

One thing that Duct Brand carries but not Scotch is Ducklings. They look quite similar to washi tape but it is actually duct tape. I think that those are really cool.

If you guys can not tell I like Duct Brand a little bit more than Scotch, but that is just my opinion. I also wanted to let you guys know that this post is not sponsored that this is just my point of view. I hope this helped out many of you!

Here are the links to both websites:
Duck Brand

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