Monday, 13 October 2014

Where Can You Buy Duct Tape For The Best Price?

Hey Guys! So I thought it would be a good idea for me to tell you where you can buy duct tape for the cheapest price.

You probably want to save as much money as you can because duct tape can be kind of really pricey at some stores. I love to save as much money as I possibly can, so I can have money left over for something else.

I like to buy most of my duct tape at Walmart because it is only $4.97. I also can get duct tape at any of my local dollar stores but it is their brand and not the popular brands. You also don't receive as much on a roll, but I guess that is what you get for $1.00.

You can also get duct tape at Micheals but at my Micheals it is $7.00 for just one roll and they aren't even the licensed tapes.

Overall, just shop around and check out what is cheapest near you. All stores and all locations price differently. Stay Cute Creative and Crafty! Happy Shopping!;)

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