Friday, 2 January 2015

Micheals Duct Tape Haul

Hey guys, so last Friday it was Boxing Day. Boxing Day is a Day after Christmas where stores put all there stuff up for great deals. I went to Micheals to buy some duct tape. Micheals price for Duct Brand duct tape is usually $6.99 but I had a coupon for 30% off your entire purchase.

I decided that I would limit myself to only two rolls of tape but when I went into the store to find the duct tape I just couldn't choose what two that I would want. So, I decided that I could get four instead.

The first roll that I bought was Pink and White Polka Dot. I have had this tape previously but I just love it and it reminds me of Minnie Mouse. This is a super cute tape that has a pastel pink background with medium sized white polka dots.

The second roll of tape that I bought was Teal Blooms. This is a beautiful vintage looking floral tape. It is on a light blue background with a bunch of different coloured flowers. I love this tape because I personally like the look and style of vintage.

The third roll of duct tape that I bought was Love Signs. It doesn't really have a background to it. the tape is quite self explanatory. It is a bunch of signs that are fuchsia, orange, red and yellow. Each sign says different words that are abbreviated. I really like this tape because it is very cute and the signs are very miss match.

The fourth roll that I bought was Blue Chevron. I is a chevron tape made up with the colours of orange, light blue and dark blue. It doesn't have a background because it is a full on print. I love this tape because I think that chevron is very classy and a unique pattern. 



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