Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Christmas Presents

Hey guys, so Christmas just passed and WOW did it fly by. It has been another great but stressful Christmas. It has also been a very busy one too. For Christmas I received a gift from my mom that was craft related.

I received a new craft mat. I had been wanting a new craft mat for awhile now. Lets just say my old one was ready to retire. My craft knife had almost made the mat so thin that is was going right through to the other side.

My old craft mat used to be 12x18. It was a pretty nice size but some projects needed a little bit more length to the mat. So, this year for Christmas I had asked for a new one that is 24x36. I have not yet tried it but it still looks pretty good.

I am super excited to use this mat and be able to make larger products. Thanks mom!

I hope you guys enjoyed and remember to always stay cute creative and crafty.

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