Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Duct Tape Haul!

Hey guys so today I have a new duct tape haul, I went to Micheals a little while ago and I purchased some rolls of tape. I bought these rolls of tape for $6.99 each and I had a 40% off coupon. I got the coupon using the app on my Ipod but you can also get it on any smartphone too.

Image result for anchor duct tape The first tape, is called "Hanker for an Anchor" which is a nautical print. It is a white background with diagonal blue stripes and it has little red anchors all over it. This is a super cute tape for summertime and I personally love it because I love the nautical theme. I would probably use this tape more in the spring and summer.

Image result for natural lace duct tapeThe second tape, is called "Natural Lace" which is pretty much a natural colour with lace. It is a light tan colour with white lace it is a little bit hard to explain. This is a super cute tape but, I think I would use it more in winter because the colours are not bright and they are very low key. I personally love this tape because it is gorgeous and so simple.

Again, I love both of these tapes and I think they are beautiful. I'm am so excited to be able to show you the crafts/wallets that I make with these new tapes.

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